• Why am I running for State Representative?

    I believe I can provide sound votes on proposed legislation and introduce wise legislation. I have always read a great deal and have a strong History and business background which will allow me to make informed votes on a wide range of issues.  I have chosen four main issues and ten other issues for which I have stated positions or will detail legislation I will propose.  Of the four main issues two are Michigan specific, and two are national where states must lead. National leadership is not enforcing immigration or anti-trust laws, both of which will have long-term impacts on the state. You probably will not agree with all of my positions, but I will strive to detail my thinking behind all of the positions.  I am not accepting campaign contributions.

    Vote For Paul Secrest, Republican, Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

    Car Insurance

    Michigan’s car insurance is a hopeless mess.  Michigan ranks 39thin per capita income yet has the highest car insurance costs in the nation.  The average Michigan policy is $1,500 per car more than Ohio’s ($2,400-$900).

    Proposal I will make

    Take Ohio’s insurance law, and write it word for word into the new Michigan law.  This is the only sensible way to treat auto insurance. Auto insurance is like a tax code—either you make huge changes or you don’t accomplish anything.  By switching to a totally new system you completely block special interests-Legislators will want to implement the Ohio system, and then fix any problems.  This is a far better approach than the current one of trying to improve a horrible system-every little change is vigorously opposed by the myriad of special interests benefitting from the current program.

    Many of you read the excellent March Free Press article comparing Michigan’s and Ohio’s systems.  Overall, the benefits of switching Michigan’s system to Ohio’s, greatly outweigh the drawbacks.  Switching systems is truly a politicians dream—70% of Michigan taxpayers pay $1,500 or less in state tax-the legislature can eliminate, at minimum,  the equivalent of the entire state tax paid by 70% of the voters without cutting services provided by the state.  This clearly has the potential for strong bi-partisan support.


    Michigan can do a better job with both K-12 and college education policies.

    K-12–Eliminate for profit K-12 charter schools.  For-profit schools have one overidding goal which is to increase profits for the politically connected owners.  The state sends for-profit operators a set amount per student.  Every dollar of profit made either comes out of a teacher’s paycheck, or comes out of items like school maintenance or other cost saving items which hurt students.  The nation has seen what for-profit colleges have done for the nation—massive student debt totaling $1.5 billion.  This is another issue where there should be strong bi-partisan support.

    In general, I am not a fan of charter schools-even non- profit charters do not have the transparency on administrator’s wages.  For some reason Michigan Republicans have come to the conclusion that all the problems in Michigan K-12 education are because of unionized teachers.  Nearly every teacher in Michigan wants to work for a unionized public school verses a charter school.  Since school funding is set, there is simply a battle between current teachers and retired teachers over that set pile of money.  K-12 education is always best when it is local.  The tug of war between public and charter schools, and the introduction of school choice, which also leads to funnel school systems,  moves the entire system further away from local school boards which are accountable to local taxpayers.  There is a clear disconnect between elected state Republicans and their voters-very few Republicans want school choice or any kind of charter schools in their own school district.

    College-The University of Michigan graduates 4,000 in-state undergrads and 4,000 out of state undergrads every year, most of whom go back to their home states.  Convincing potential employers to locate in a state where its best school sends half its graduates to other states becomes a pretty tough sell.  Public colleges, adjusting for inflation, have tripled their costs since 1990.

    The state provides 20% of the revenue at the University of Michigan.  The legislature should tie its money to two conditions-(1) A reduction in out of state undergrads, (2)  A significant reduction in undergraduate programs costs—schools can play games with tuition, but because public colleges are non-profit,  if they reduce their costs, the average Michigan student will pay less.

    College testing-ACT and SAT

    The ACT and SAT tests are designed to give colleges a level playing field on which to evaluate candidates.

    The playing field is being tilted substantially by two trends.

    • The East coast is seeing rampant, (and it is spreading nationally), medical fraud declaring students to have ADD and allowing them extra time on the tests. It presents a huge advantage, especially on the math sections.
    • Colleges only look at one ACT score, so some students are taking it 3-6 times. The expensive tests put non-affluent students at a disadvantage, and other students are seeing an already heavy homework junior year become that much harder-let the kids enjoy high school.

    If elected I will propose that ACT and SAT (1) submit all tests taken to Michigan colleges, (2) and note if the students had extra time.


    Proposal I will make

    Michigan pass a law with a three year sentence for being in the country illegally.  I believe this is very reasonable.  Mexico has a two year sentence and has little illegal immigration. America, in large part  because it has a weakly enforced misdemeanor penalty,  has 11 million people in this country illegally-(government number which has not changed in many years which makes it a little suspect–some private estimates go as high as 30 million).

    Why does America have ten times as many illegal aliens as any other nation on earth?  The press has waged a very successful thirty year campaign against any politician advocating enforcing our immigration laws. It simply threatens to give them a “racist” label.  The press will surely label a three year sentence as draconian.

    One politician-note his party and date-did not back down.

    RichardLamm. James S. Kunen. January 20, 1986 12:00 PM. Colorado’s DemocraticGov. RichardLamm, looking tanned and trim, is chatting on the patio of the elegant Broadmoor resort hotel near … He has repeatedly warned thatillegal immigrationfrom Mexico threatens to turn the Southwest into “a Hispanic Quebec”.

    The media was not kind to Governor Lamm. What he warned about has occurred. Today California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas now have Hispanic majorities of their schoolchildren.

    Nevada and Colorado are not far behind.

    California has become a quasi-independent territory.  It is a sanctuary state with a 100 sanctuary cities.  It is happy to accept American tax dollars for its huge defense bases and industry, but in classic liberal, progressive fashion, its leaders only accept and obey laws which in their opinion, are “morally correct”.

    My college History professor, a WWII veteran, spent a full class hour discussing the immigration act of 1924. He called it the single greatest piece of legislation in the nation’s history.  He correctly claimed it fully assimilated Catholics into a Protestant land and resulted in the John F. Kennedy being elected as the nation’s first Catholic President in 1960.  2004 showed how completely Catholics have assimilated into America’s assimilated culture-more Catholics voted for Protestant George Bush than Catholic John Kerry.  The immigration act of 1924 was passed over a President’s veto and essentially cut off Catholic immigration for 50 years.  The immigration act of 1924 highlights the  strength of America’s highly successful history-tightly controlled legal immigration and forced assimilation.   The globalists and the vast majority of media want the very strength of America, its assimilated culture, to be crushed.

    America is headed for a perfect storm. Exploding world populations, cheap air fares, universal cellphone use, and collapsing governments are going to send a huge wave of illegal immigrants to this nation.  Venezuela,  with 50 million people, is in utter collapse, Brazil,  with 200 million, is headed for a debt to GDP ratio of 324% which is not sustainable.  America is at replacement level-just two examples of other countries’ growth-Nigeria is on the path to increase from 200 million to 800 million people in 45 years. Saudi Arabia increased from 6 million to 30 million from 1973 to 2000. California went from being 80-7 white/Hispanic in 1960 to having a birth percentage in 2000 of 50% Hispanic, 25% white. Very simply, nations at replacement level like the US, will be quickly  outnumbered if they do not control illegal immigration.  The censorship by the media executives is so strong that the above paragraph will not be printed in 99% of the nation’s papers.

    Combining the huge wave of illegals with massive automation of jobs in the next decade completes the perfect storm. Nobody knows how many jobs will be automated out of existence, but one thing is certain, the lower skills jobs will disappear faster.  This is the same labor market which 90% of the illegal aliens enter.

    Trump won the election because he actually talked about illegal immigration.  Border crossings initially dropped sharply but they are now rising rapidly as the world sees little real change in enforcement.  Trump will actually supercharge illegal immigration—the world sees that if Trump will not deport, no one will.  The national Republicans will not even talk about increasing the penalty.

    The only way to have a chance to stop illegal immigration is for a state to pass a tough law.  Arizona passed one in 2010 which made it to the Supreme Court. The court ruled Arizona could not deviate from national law, but then the Supreme Court, which consisted exclusively of members from the Northeast, did not hold President Obama in contempt of court and order him to enforce the current  law.  Today you have a Supreme Court Justice who is a fourth generation Coloradan.  A tough Michigan law will quickly give the Supreme Court another chance to force the government to enforce its law.

    The founding fathers devised an ingenious form of government.  They designed the Senate and House to smooth regional differences and the electoral college to force two centralist parties.  The increasing tribalization, driven by massive illegal immigration is threatening to upend the two party system-without going into detail, Florida looks like a blue lock in 2020, and Texas will be in 2024.  Regional differences will explode once one party has a lock on the Presidency which appoints all judges.  A Russian historian recently predicted America would split into six nations.  You can see them forming today-California, with possible additions of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada and Colorado, Texas, The South, The northeast seaboard East of the Allegheny mountains, the City-state of Chicago, West Pennsylvania through the Midwest, Plains, and Northern Rockies possibly with Washington and Oregon, or those two states forming their own nation.   Cannot happen in America-don’t be so sure-many people thought Colorado Governor Lamm was off his rocker in the 1970’s.

    An editorial note: As a candidate for office, I felt obligated to give four long paragraphs explaining my immigration position.  A candidate on the opposite side advocating citizenship for the Dreamers (DACA) which is a second amnesty, will never, in a million years,  be asked by the media to defend the disastrous first amnesty-Reagan’s in 1986,  which has resulted in illegal numbers quadrupling, and that is really on the press for not covering different sides without bias.


    If elected I will propose two Amazon related proposals; (1) Michigan not allow Amazon owned brands to be sold in Michigan, (2) Michigan not allow drones to be used for commercial deliveries.

    Amazon has the ability to decimate Detroit’s auto industry and the Detroit area’s way of life if not corralled. The power of Amazon was recently displayed by its recent Amazon Prime increase of 20% ($20) which was announced via e-mail with an opt-out clause. Several days before the e-mail, an Amazon spokesperson said the 20% increase would be met with a yawn. Tens of millions of households will have this basic discussion—“free shipping is not worth $120-how many items do we need immediately”—“but I like it”. Amazon may lose 10-20% of its prime members, but most will eventually drift back because it is the only game in town. It takes amazing power to ram a 20% price increase down the throat of ¾ of American households.

    Amazon is following the business model of John D. Rockefeller who made Standard Oil the monopoly owner of the American oil industry. Rockefeller sold gas at a loss in order to drive all of his competitors out of the oil business. A Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt, broke Standard Oil into six companies. Rockefeller concentrated on oil—Amazon is far more ambitious-they aim to monopolize every consumer product, and the prize consumer product in the world is the automobile. Amazon, if not checked, will have more power than the US government and will be far harder to break up than Standard Oil.

    Amazon has huge cash flow with $120 Amazon Prime memberships from 45%  of US households (60 million), and a 12% cut from retailers selling on its site. Amazon spends every penny of this cash flow on expanding. It controls search on its website and already owns 79 brands.   Amazon will eventually focus on the grand prize, autos, and drive Detroit out of business because Amazon will run an auto company at zero profit, or even a loss as big as its huge cashflow, to undercut GM, Ford, and Fiat’s pricing.

    President Trump has recently said Amazon aims to drive the Post Office out of business, and they will if commercial drone delivery is allowed. Amazon is clearly on the path to wiping out UPS and FedEx. If Amazon eliminates the Postal Service, they will monopolize the entire commercial product shipping delivery supply chain. Retailers and manufacturers must have a viable Post Office to survive Amazon’s assault.




    Paul Secrest presenting a quality award at a Magna stamping plant in Milton, Ontario. Paul Secrest visited nearly 1,000 factories during his career at Chrysler.

    Quote from Paul Secrest “A nation creates wealth by farming it, mining it, or manufacturing it.”

    “The nation gave away millions of manufacturing jobs during the 2000 decade. Our future prosperity is based on America getting those manufacturing jobs back”